Individuals, companies and organizations are invited to donate funds and/or services and goods to the Foundation. 100% of donations are invested in the projects; there are absolutely no administrative costs for staff, offices etc (or rather: the administrative costs are carried by the initial inheritance). There is continuous feedback to donors in the forms of invoices, receipts, video/images of the projects and assurances by school principals. By working directly with the recipients (schools), the Foundation ensures no siphoning off of funds in the donation process, and no corruption.

Donations will be used for erection, maintenance and equipment of school buildings, e.g. bricks, concrete, paint, roofs, tables, chairs, and running expenses like text books, school uniforms, Internet access etc. Precise reporting will be done for each donation. The relationship between the foundation and the donors are built on trust and the projects are managed by Peter Karaszi personally.

Please see Sponsorships for an outline of the various sponsorship levels and contact Peter Karaszi for additional information. Apart from cash, the Foundation also happily accepts donations in the form of e.g. relevant services in e.g. construction, travel and IT, power, and goods like building material and functional used laptops and cellphones.