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The White Water secondary school in Matebeleland in southern Zimbabwe is a school for approx. 450 students in a rural area with no electricity. The Karaszi Foundation will build a 100 sqm modern and fully equipped computer hall and study for the school and its students, powered entirely by an off-grid solar energy system donated by a sponsor that will also be able to power the satellite Internet communications that the Foundation will install as well as other school buildings.

The computer centre will have room for 40 students with 30 laptops, complete with educational software, furniture etc and also a study/tea room with laptops and furniture for the school’s teachers to meet and work. The objective is to provide a world class learning facility that will also be green and sustainable. The building will be made by local builders and craftsmen with locally sourced material and be powered with 100% renewable energy. Planning of the construction of the computer hall began in late 2018. Parallel with the planning, manufacturing of solar panels has started as has collection of used laptops and purchases of other materials. The computer centre is expected to be inaugurated in late 2019.