Projects and Gallery

The White Water secondary school in Matebeleland in southern Zimbabwe is a school for approx. 450 students in a rural area with no electricity. The Karaszi Foundation aims to bring solar energy and computing power to the school’s computer hall. The building will be powered entirely by an off-grid solar energy system, including a battery pack, donated by a sponsor. The computer centre will have room for 40 students with 30 laptops, complete with educational software. The objective is to provide a world class learning facility that will also be green and sustainable.

The Meiring Primary school in Riebeek Kasteel, South Africa, is being supported with school equipment like computers, smartphones, wall clocks and sports equipment.

Equipment donated to the Meiring Primary school in the Esterhof township, South Africa,
Battery packs donated by Midsummer arrive in South Africa.
Pupils mark the exact spot where the computer centre will be built.
Groundbreaking ceremony in October 2019 including signing of non-corruption agreement.
The local brick factory – 4,000 bricks made as of Nov 28, 2019.